Project Management, Hydraulic and costal engineering, Agricolture, Environment,
  Housing, Health, Minings, Energy, Transport.









 December 2010: SARI wins two large road projects in Uganda for design review and construction supervision of 92 km and 72.5 km graved roads in East and West part of the country
 December 2010: SARI awards new 60 km road project for Tanzania National Road Authority, with funds of the African Development Bank
 December 2010: SARI wins a new project of consultancy services for Mauritius wastewater master plan study
 December 2010: New technical assistance project in Mozambico for Water Treatment Plant
 December 2010: SARI awards a new project in Panama


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  Avenue Milcamps, 8
  1030 Bruxelles,
  tel.   0032 2 7438490
  Fax. 0032 2 743849

  e-mail: sari@sariltd.com

Registered office:

  Fir Close, 5  
  Walton onThames,
  Surrey KT12 2SX,
  United Kingdom

  Registered N.6525679



SARI Consulting Ltd is a dynamic international consultancy engineering company providing project management services and technical assistance for development of infrastructures and for civil works implementation worldwide (water, transportation, environment, energy and institutional strengthening).

SARI Consulting Ltd is an evolution of SARI Ltd which was established in 1994. SARI Consulting Ltd is a quality driven, leading engineering company with over 15 years of experience in the provision of independent professional management and strategic advice as well as full design services to the construction, transportation infrastructures and environmental sector.

The Firm pools management, financial resources and technical staff, and this kind of organization puts the Firm in a position to draw on a vast common fund of experience and, at the same time, to extend their access to an ever-widening field of technological and human resources.

Sari Consulting Ltd'staff is composed by nearly 50 persons from different nations, including development countries. While juridical independent, the firm assemble parts of their organization, management, financial resources and technical staff. In this way they can share expertise, draw on a huge common fund of experience and to lengthen their access to an ever widening field of technological and human resources.

SARI Consulting Ltd's international activities cover four major areas:

- Economic, financial, feasibility studies and concessions of infra-structure projects.

- Institutional strengthening and training, program management assistance, as well as operation and maintenance management of infrastructure and equipment.

- Rural development planning, including design and/or modernization of infrastructure.

- Technical assistance, planning, studies, design and/or construction supervision of all types of transport infrastructure, building technology, water and environment, in projects ranging from major infrastructure works to small local projects.

The Company's strategic presence in several countries, as well as the cooperation with local partners to ease the execution of the assignments, are the basis of synergies that allow us to provide technology, experience and resources to promote the local capacity building.

Clients include: Developing Aid Agencies, Government Ministries, Municipal Authorities, Private Sector Companies.

The company is registered with the majority of funding agencies and Institutions such as European Union (EDF), World Bank (IBRD / IDA), African Development Bank (AfDB) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) .It has worked in developing countries on projects financed by the above mentioned institutions