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Project Management

The project management has the purpose to achieve the orderly and effective performance of the activities pertinent to all the involved technical arts which are supplied by the relevant groups of specialists in front of the need to interface them with possible other activities awarded to Third Parties.

Project Coordination:

The task of the project guidance can be accomplished as a self-standing service to coordinate   the   activities   of   several engineering staffs having no relation both with SARI Engineering and with the Customer as well as a complementary service for jobs partially or fully awarded to SARI Engineering itself. The description which follows is concerning the first topic where the Employer does not coincide with the Owner. The management of such a type of project is performed by SARI Engineering with the appointment to the said task of an adequately skilled and experienced professional (Job director or Project manager). Depending on the complexity and extent of the project, the said manager   can   be supported by an adequate team of assistants who help him for the coverage of specific duties. The activities carried out for the subject task are basically the ones described in the following points. Such activities may anyway vary in an appreciable extent in order to suit the Employer requirements and organization.

Proposal Phase:

Project Execution and Construction Phase:

Vincenzo Gentile, Head of Project Management Department

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